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Ravenscroft Bucking Bulls bronze depicting SJR 09 Satan's Own winning the 2001 Buckers Gold Standard Futurity

Steve Ravenscrof

The Ravenscroft Ranch is located in the heart of the Nebraska Sandhills, north of Hyannis, Nebraska.

Our goal is to breed bucking stock that can buck at the professional level, and also be of high enough quality to enter other breeding programs.

We are proud to have one of the largest offerings of Whitewater Skoal breeding. He has proven himself as one of the most prolific sires. We began breeding bucking bulls in 1998, when we artificially inseminated cows to Whitewater Skoal.

 In addition to our premier herd sire Whitewater Skoal, we're excited about these sires that have been added to our breeding program: Rapid Fire, Little Yellow Jacket, Houdini, Night Life, and B51 Fistful of Dollars (Mudslinger son).

Whitewater bred cows and calves
at a ranch windmill - 2008

Steve and Julie Ravenscroft

Ravenscroft-bred bulls have appeared at the NFR, the PBR Finals, and PBR Short-Go's. We are very active in the ABBI and have had success competing in Futurity and Classic events.

Steve and Julie would like to thank all the people who have bought Ravenscroft-raised bulls, heifers, and semen.

Steve and Julie Ravenscroft

We'd like to invite you to come and see our cattle. Stay in our guest cabin and enjoy the beautiful Sandhills scenery. Call anytime for more information on the bulls, females, embryos, and semen listed here on our site. Thanks for stopping by!

 ---Steve and Julie Ravenscroft